How to merge applique and purchased fonts in bes lettering

Hi everyone. For today’s tutorial I will demonstate how to incorporate individual purchased fonts into one file using bes lettering software. Okay, first of all we will open the software by clicking on the desktop or from the start menu on your computer. Next, after the program has been started, click on new/recipe. I like to start with this because this gives you the option of choosing a “fabric recipe” from a popup window. For today’s tutorial we will select “tshirt recipe” because we will be sewing this design onto a knit shirt. I love this feature of the “recipes” because this feature of the program or software automatically brings in the correct underlay and density to a garment. This feature will take any built in design or even a design that you purchase and make that design sew out perfect  and soft to the touch without being too dense which happens often times.

Now on your workspace, what you can do next is choose your hoop size that your design will be done in. On the toolbar above your workspace you will see the hoop button. Click on this button and from this you can choose from the pre selected hoop sizes which will be in the metric format but you can change this to english if you choose to. In this example I will choose the 5×7 hoop size which is 130x180mm,click apply and then you will see the changes and the hoop can be displayed on the workspace or you can also click back on the hoop button and this will take the display of the hoop off of your workspace. Also, when selecting your hoop size you can also create your own custom hoop size as well but for today’s demo I will be just showing how to merge lettering for the 5×7 hoop size.

One of the unique things about this tutorial today, is the way of merging individual purchased fonts and making these individual fonts into one new file. This is where software comes in handy to make things easier for the designer or monogrammer. So in this tutorial I will be using bes lettering software to demonstrate this process.

1. To bring the design to the workspace first click on “merge” from your home toolbar,locate the design file for the letters that you want to merge together to make into one new file.

2. Next, after locating the file with the individual fonts, select the letters that you want to include in the name for example. In this demo I will be selecting the lettters for the name “katie”. 

3.For this demo you can do this in two ways. The first way is that you can hit the merge key and select each letter and bring them to your workspace individually my hitting the merge key for each letter. There is a trick that I recently learned that makes this whole process alot easier than before. The magic to do this is by selecting the merge key in the software and then hold down your “control” key down then go and select each letter that you will want to include in the name. The process will go like this ~select “merge”,hold down the control key, locate the file for the applique letters or digitized fonts,select”K,a,t,i,e” then hit apply and then you will see all of the letters appear on your workspace all at one time. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         3. After hitting apply, the letters might come unto the workspace all jumbled up on top of each other but this can be fixed to the way that you want the letters to stitch out. There are several ways of aligning the letters also. You can drag and drop them in to the order that you want your letters in or you can also go to the sequence view on your left side of  your screen and right click on each of the individual letters and move the letters this way as well.

Another step to take after bringing all of your fonts to the workspace is to align your letters so that they will be straight when sewing your letters out on a garment.

1. The first thing that you will want to do after all of your individual files are on your workspace is to arrange the letters in the order that  the name will be spelled. At this point the letters don’t have to be straight because in the next step I will show you how to align the letters up in your software.

2. On your main toolbar, located right next to home, click on the apperance key. This will bring up some additonal alignment buttons. This is where you will align your letters.

3. Under your apperance section you will see a host of addtional buttons that help with alignment of your designs. You can align right,left,center align,align bottom or top and also align vertical or horizontal and also rotate your designs. Right now at this point  the letter files are still individual files when you click on each letter. But to eliminate this you will want to highlight all of the letters to group them into one file before you save them. To do this click select, then on your workspace draw a box around the individual files. A second way of doing this also is to click on all files under your sequence view and then select align bottom and your name will be in a straight line after clicking apply.


4. Now, to align your letters into a straight line,choose align bottom and this will align all of the letters on the bottom. Now if you look to the left of the screen the letters look all out of sequence for the way the design will stitch out. To straighten this out you can click directly on the workspace on the actual letter and move the individual letter by right clicking on that letter and then select first,last etc. Then click on your sewing simulator at the bottom of  your workspace  and you will see how the design or name will stitch out on your screen,which is so neat because this will help you if you have to make adjustments to the stitchout.


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How to use true type fonts in Bes lettering

Hi. In today’s tutorial I will demostrate how to use any true type font in Bes lettering software. First of all, there are literally thousands of true type fonts available both free and also ones that you have to pay for. True type fonts come installed on your computer from various programs that you might use on a daily basis. If you find fonts off of the internet these are fonts that you can download and install on your computer. There are several sites in which you can download fonts from ,,fonts101,fontspace,fontriver, just to name a few. With some of the embroidery software thats on the market today, you now have the capability to use these fonts and these new fonts will give you additional choices to use as font choices.  That’s where Bes lettering software comes into play.

In Bes lettering software, you have access to two types of fonts. These two types are your built in embroidery fonts and then the true type fonts from your computer system. You can access your embroidery fonts using the list of fonts from inside the properties box from the fonts line. To access the true type fonts check the true type fonts box and then you will see a drop down box of true type fonts from your computer (picture 1&2).

The picture shows some key areas for when trying to access the true type fonts. After opening the program, click on the new/recipe button and choose the garment fabric or substrate. Then click on “normal” path and click anywhere on the design workspace on the screen. Next, type the name in the text box. To choose true type fonts highlight or check the box(ttf). When placing the check in the box this will give you access to your true type fonts. Otherwise , if the box is not checked the program will refer back to the embroidery fonts that are built in the program.

After choosing the font from your drop down list, under the properties box click on style,under style you will see standard fill, place your cursor next to this and you will see another drop down list. Choose column. Lastly, hit apply and wait a few and you will see a hourglass popup and then you will see the changes made to the lettering.

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Merging fonts and applique designs with Bes Lettering Software

Hi, first of all I would like to say that I am a member of various embroidery groups on yahoo and facebook. I also mongram and embroider for myself, friends, my son and various customers. I see that alot of people on the group that I belong to on facebook have this software. I am going to attempt to show a demo tutorial with screenshots on how to use Bes lettering software.

There are so many types of embroidery software out on the market today. There is basic editing and lettering software and then you have full blown digitizing software. There are also some that are free and most that you will have to pay for. This tutorial today will be about the Bes lettering software. Bes lettering is a software that is made by Brother.  I love this program. With this program, you can do so much with it. The program has over 150 fonts that is built into the program, plus you can also use any true type fonts that are built into your computer or even free fonts that you download. You can also import or bring in purchased fonts and designs into the program as well.

The first thing that you will want to do is to open the program up on the computer. The first picture included of this post will show you how the screen look after the program is open.

One of the first things that you will want to do is get familiar with the keys of the software.  Next, you can click on the “B” that is located in the top left hand corner. This is called the pacesetter button. This is one of the ways to access some of the button tools built in the software. When you open the menu, you will also see a list of recent files that were saved. One unique feature that is built into this program is  that you can save your files in two different file types. The first one is called the “brf” format that can only be seen in Bes lettering. The “brf” file is called a working file. With this file you can make adjustments to it. The second file will be in the file type that a person’s embroidery machine accepts and in this case it will be in the pes format since my machine is a  Babylock.

When starting a new project you will first need to choose “New” or “new/recipe” button. Choosing the “new/recipe” button will show a popup box and then you can choose from a new menu box from a specified group of various fabrics. Choosing a recipes for a specific fabric the software brings in the correct underlay and density to the designs and fonts.

Once the software is open, you will see three tabs at the top located right underneath pacesetter button. The tabs are “home”,”arrange”, and “appearance”. In the home tab, you will see a variety of keys. In bes you have 5 lettering paths.These are normal,path,vertical,circle, and monogram. For this tutorial, we will click on “normal” path.

Once choosing the path, click anywhere on the design space on the screen. Next, the properties box will appear. Type in the name . Then click on merge. Select the applique design either from your hard drive or usb stick(thumb drive).When saving the design click “save as” and save the new combined design either to your hard drive, usb stick or if you have the capability send the design directly to your machine.

Hope this helps. My next tutorial will be on using true type fonts in the Bes software.

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Hello world!

Welcome to the Monogram Planet’s new online journal.  We are a small business that specializes in custom embroidery and monogrammed gifts for all occasions.

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